Azure Event Grid in a Nutshell

  • Actionable, the publisher does not have expectations on how the event is handled and the consumer decides what to with it
  • Lightweight, they carry information about what happened but no data of what triggered the event
  • If part of a series they are analyzable, time-ordered and interrelated
  • Events — What happened
  • Event sources — Where the event took place
  • Topics — An endpoint where a published send events
  • Event subscriptions — An endpoint to route events and filter incoming events
  • Event handlers — App or service reacting to the event
  • DevOps, it allows azure handlers to react to events triggered by the Azure portal itself when for instance a new virtual machine gets created
  • Serverless, when used to trigger Azure Functions
  • Integration, when used to connect different products running in an enterprise. For instance, when connecting different products like an HR application with a mailing provider, the two may communicate using Azure Event Grid



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Alberto De Natale

Alberto De Natale


Alberto De Natale is a passionate tech-enthusiast software developer.