Develop deployment scripts and templates

Alberto De Natale
7 min readSep 13, 2021

In this post, I will share my study notes that I took while preparing for the exam Azure AZ400 “Develop deployment scripts and templates”.

Recommend a deployment solution (e.g. GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.)

Azure DevOps has a visual classic editor that allows configuring deployment stages.

A great walkthrough into its features is in this lab:


Each stage has two configurable menus:

  • pre-deployment conditions
  • post-deployment conditions

Pre-deployment conditions allow defining triggers, approvals or gates.

Triggers come with three options:

Approvals allow defining who should manually approve a deployment and how long should be possible to wait for approval before discarding the deployment.

Gates allows to automatically checks for conditions that would block a…



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