Maintain a build strategy

Alberto De Natale
4 min readSep 13, 2021

In this post, I will share my study notes that I took while preparing for the exam Azure AZ400 “Maintain a build strategy”.

Monitor pipeline health (failure rate, duration, flaky tests)

Azure DevOps offers great reporting tools that allow identifying when pipelines can be optimised.

The reports are accessible from the Analytics tab of a pipeline definition.

Three types of reports are available:

  • the pipeline pass rate
  • the test pass rate
  • the pipeline duration

The pipeline pass rate report provides three insights:

The pass rate trend helps to identify changes in trends.

The failure trend helps to track failing runs.

Failed Runs for all stages provides a breakdown of the failures by the task that caused the failure.

The pipeline duration report offers insights on the duration of builds. It also offers a breakdown of the time taken by the pipeline by task.

Tracking test quality over time and improving test collateral is key to maintaining a healthy DevOps pipeline. Test analytics provides near real-time visibility into your test data for builds and releases. It helps improve the efficiency of your pipeline by identifying repetitive, high impact quality issues.

Test failures allow tracking the quality of tests over time. It provides insights into trends and which tests are more prone to fail.

Flaky Tests

Productivity for developers relies on the ability of tests to find…

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