Publish an Image to the Azure Container Registry

Distributing an image is a real piece of cake thanks to Azure Container Registry (ACR).


The pricing I am listing are updated to April 2020 and are for North Europe.

The cost of the basic ACR is $5 per month. It comes with 10 GiB of space and 2 webhooks:

The cost of the standard tier is $20 per month. It comes with 100 GiB of space and 10 webhooks.

The cost of the premium tier is $50 per month. It comes with 500 GiB of space and 500 webhooks.

Create a Container Registry

Container Registry in the Azure Marketplace
Some basic settings

Deploy an image

I will deploy the image I created on my new ACR.

The images I have already stored in Docker on my local

I will tag the image that I want to deploy using the name structure:


I will do this using the command:

docker tag docker-hello-world_backend
The tagged image ready for being pushed on the ACR

I will login on my ACR:

docker login

I will then push the newly tagged image:

docker push
The image will now be available in the ACR


In this article, I introduced Azure Container Registries and walked through how to publish an image.

If you are interested to how I create that image, look at:

Thank you for reading.

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